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September 2013


Ninah Pixie was out of town for this episode so dAS was controlling the audio solo!

Visuals by UNIVAC. 


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9th UB RADIO: December 2012





Artist / Track / Release / Label

--- opening mic announcement ---

Mimir / (long excerpt) / Mimyriad / Streamline
Jetzmann / Eckhard / Notstandskomitee ReEngineered (4 Remixes of
Automatenmusik) /  block 4
Rotorik / Eimerkette / Notstandskomitee ReEngineered (4 Remixes of
Automatenmusik) /  block 4
The Exciting Drummers of Bora Bora / Pate Matai / Drums of Bora Bora /
Tiare Tahiti Records
Enoch Light and The Light Brigade / C'est Magnifique Cha Cha /
Pertinent Percussion Cha Cha's / Command Records
Disism = Charles Rice Goff III + Killr "Mark" Kaswan / Slippery When
Chopped / A Fantastic Array of Oceans stirred to a froth by DISISM /
Taped Rugs Productions
Wild Man Fischer / In My Room / Pronounced Normal / Rhino Records
Jan Dekker + Mars F. Wellink / side B / Substantia Innominata - Sub 15
/ Drone Records
John Cage / Roaratorio (long excerpt) / Ars Acustica / Wergo
Edward Ka-Spel / Mirror Soul, After The Tower / Khalash Nykow China
Doll / BLR Records
various artists / De Player Haudiofeel / Catalogue #1 + Flexi Disc / De Player

--- mic break ---

Lunar Miasma / Hopes Seed / Lunar Miasma + Big Chutly Orchebrech / Noise Below
Dub Mentor feat. Tal Weiss / Losing The Will To Survive / EnT-T
Seeded Plain & Hal Rammel / Hook and Eyespots, Plaster Coach / Gilgongo Records
Alice Faye / Dinah (sung with the Mills Brothers) / On the Air / Sandy
Hook Records
Fast Forty / Class Warfare Is Confusion / District of Noise Vol. 5 (a
compilation of experimental music from Washington, DC) / Sonic
Homer & Jethro / San Antonio Rose / Homer & Jethro at the Country Club / RCA
Promute / Temples of Bronze / Portocal Sessions / Zeromoon
Mono / Yearning / You Are There / Temporary Residence Limited
Radboud Mens / Composed Nature (by Staalplaat Soundsystem and LOLA
landscape artists) / Staalplaat

--- closing mic break ---







9th UB RADIO : December 2011

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